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Business Explainer Video

Animated or live footage, business explaining videos are custom tailored that help you explain an idea to your audience. This is a modern technique widely used by companies to engage people. These videos are perfect for startups especially if your product is something no one has ever heard of before.


Digital Media and Web Content Marketing Agency.

Digital Web Videos + TV Commercials

Our production team understands that your business needs to achieve specific business objectives. No two businesses will ever have the same requirements, which is why we customize our product to deliver your message through the use of digital media. Video media production services include launch series and sales videos, corporate communication and employee training programs, sales presentations, promos and product videos, video testimonials, sizzle reels, educational documentaries, video conferences, and television commercials.

Responsive Websites + Social Media

Whether you are looking for increased sales, lead generation, or a client communication platform we have the knowledge and experience to build a social media integrated website that delivers a return on investment for your business. Social media is more than adding a “like” button to your website. It is about using technology to create relationship with your customers. This means strategic use of the plethora of social networks converting websites into socially aware interactive experiences. RESPONSIVE WEBSITE SOLUTIONS

Still Photography

Most people do not differentiate between various types of photographers. They assume a photographer who shoots weddings or studio portraits can easily crossover to also shoot food, product lines, fashion, industrial, aerial, or any other industry. This misconception delivers an undesirable result. Knowledge has to be present. The difference between event/portrait and commercial photography is the focus on the message. For commercial photography our focus is on creating commercial campaigns with your product.


Some of the stuff we made.

Marketing Video

Service Industry

Service businesses

Explainer Videos

Startup Framework

Concept + Business Model Videos

School Videos

Educational Sector

Daycare + Schools

Restaurant Advertisements

Food Industry

Restaurants, Bars + Lounges

Car Advertisements

Auto Industry

Car Dealerships

Events Promo Videos

Event Promo

Highlights + Documentaries


Fashion Industry

Runway + Lookbooks

Corporate Videos


Venture + Investment

Training Videos

Corporate Opener

Intro + Logo Reveal

Website Builder


Responsive Designs

Website Developer

Manage IT

Project Management + Helpdesk

Project Management

Workflow Automation

Archiving + Automate

About EBM Business +

Our focus in on your target.

  • Marketing Agency


    Our Humble Beginnings

    EBM Business Plus focuses on, portrait and commercial photographer who specializes in creating artistically lit photography for use in advertisements, packaging, recipe cook books, display, food related, publications, web page content, brochures and other direct mail materials. Using this unique and imaginative lighting techniques, EBM can emphasize and de-emphasize the tone, texture, shape and volume in selected areas of the image until the photograph communicates exactly what he and the creative team wants it convey.

  • Small Business Advertising

    March 2010

    An Agency is Born

    Working closely with the graphic designers, EBM deepened their understanding of photography’s role in complementing design and enhancing communication. We also began photographing food and ignited our lifelong passion for the art of representing flavors and scents through visual images. EBM handles the majority of projects requiring food and food props. This enabled EBM to develop considerable expertise in lighting and shooting not only food, but also other difficult subjects such as chrome and glassware.

  • Small Business Marketing

    December 2012

    Transition to Full Service

    EBM Photography started their 1500-square-foot studio in Edison NJ’s central District, home to many advertising agencies, design firms and other creative companies. The studio is equipped with state-of-the-art photography tools, including a 48-MB digital capture system, all formats of cameras, including a 6×9 view camera, and a powerful Macintosh computer system with a fast DSL Internet connection for delivering digital files to clients. The studio also features 17-foot ceilings and includes a fully equipped kitchen and a model’s changing room.

  • September 2015

    Phase Two Expansion

    EBM Photography moved it's operations to Metuchen, NJ and distributed their operations in 3 categories BUSINESS + | WEDDINGS | SCHOOL PORTRAITS.

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EBM is driven by exceptional creative people.

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Lead Client Relations

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Lead Creative

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Lead Operations

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